• 75% extra for double Plinko Bonus chances
  • Bonus hit rate of 1 in 100 or 1 in 50 spins
  • Chance to win up to 10,000x (hit rate of 1 in 6.77M)
  • Option to choose between regular or DD Jackpot version
  • Lower RTP in DD version

Description: Discover the enchanting world of Pine of Plinko, a stunning online slot crafted by the talented team at Print Studios. Imbued with the spirit of the beloved Japanese Pachinko, this game transports players to a mystical pine tree world filled with adorable characters and symbols. With its frequent triggering Plinko Bonus Game, you’ll have endless opportunities to chase big wins, with the chance to multiply your bet by a whopping 10,000 times. Surround yourself in a cozy pinecone home, serenaded by the uplifting notes of a flute melody, and bask in the magical ambiance of Pine of Plinko, a truly unique and captivating slot game experience.

  • Developer: Print Studios
  • Availability: Currently Available
  • RTP: Ranges from 93.48% to 96.48%
  • Bet Limits: Min. bet of 0.20 and a max. bet of 175
  • Paylines: 10 set paylines
  • Volatility: High
  • Max. Payout: 10,000x the bet (not including jackpots)

What to Look for in Pine of Plinko

Immerse yourself in the enchanted world of Pine of Plinko, brought to you by the masterful hands of Print Studios. This slot game blends the excitement of Japanese Pachinko with a magical pine tree setting, complete with cute characters and symbols. The Plinko Bonus Game adds to the thrill, activating frequently and offering big wins of up to 10,000x your bet.

The graphics in Pine of Plinko are a true masterpiece, capturing the beauty and magic of the pine tree world. Print Studios is renowned for their visually stunning slots, and they have once again outdone themselves with this game. From the intricate details to the mesmerizing artwork, every aspect of the design is sure to take your breath away.


Pine of Plinko offers a unique gaming experience with its Dream Drop version, promising a guaranteed jackpot win. Though the Dream Drop version boasts a lower RTP of 93.48%, the Scatter Boost feature can boost it to 93.79%. For those seeking a higher RTP, the non-Dream Drop version provides 96.48% and can be increased to 96.78% with the Scatter Boost.

Base Features

In Pine of Plinko, players spin across 5 reels and match symbols on 10 fixed paylines, with payouts starting from 0.20x bet for 3 of a kind and reaching up to 200x bet for 5 of a kind of the main character Piney. Standard wooden symbols come in green, purple, and orange, while premium symbols feature unique characters Miney, Sleepy, and Santa, each with their own payouts ranging from 0.60 to 50x bet. Score big by hitting 5 of a kind of these premium symbols or aim for the main prize with 5 Pineys.

Pine of Plinko has two options, with or without Relax Gaming’s Dream Drop Jackpots. The only base game feature is Scatter Boost, which can be activated by betting an additional 75%. With Scatter Boost, players have double the chance of landing the bonus, with a frequency of 1 in 50 spins compared to 1 in 100 spins without it. If playing in the Pine of Plinko Dream Drop setting, players have the opportunity to trigger the Dream Drop Plinko Jackpot game by landing 3 DD symbols. In the jackpot game, players are awarded unlimited balls to drop in the Plinko game and fill meters for each jackpot. The jackpots available are:

  • Rapid (€1 seed)
  • Midi (€5 seed)
  • Maxi (€100 seed)
  • Major (€25,000 seed)
  • Mega (€500,000 seed)

Tips for Playing at Pine of Plinko


The Pine of Plinko Bonus is a feature that is activated when players land 3 or more Scatters on the reels. Each Scatter will have a number on it, ranging from 1 to 99, and the sum of all numbers on the triggering Scatters will determine the starting number of drops in the Plinko Bonus.

Once the feature begins, players will be taken to a Plinko game, where they can drop balls into the machine by clicking the green button. Players can choose to drop multiple balls at once by clicking the button quickly or drop one at a time. The number of drops left is displayed on the button, and it decreases by 1 for every ball dropped.

As the balls drop through the Plinko machine, they may hit one of the 3 bumpers in the center. Every time a bumper is hit, a meter above the Plinko game fills up. When the meter is filled, players are awarded with 10 additional drops, but with double the number of balls per drop compared to the previous round. This progression starts with 1 ball per drop and increases as follows: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, and finally 256, amounting to a total of 2,560 balls across 10 drops.

At the conclusion of the Plinko Bonus, players will be rewarded based on where the balls land. The possible prizes are 0.1x bet, 0.5x bet, 1x bet, 5x bet, 10x bet, 100x bet, or 1,000x bet. All prizes won are added together and awarded at the end of the Plinko Bonus.

For those players in eligible regions, there is also an option to utilize the Feature Bet to immediately start the Plinko Bonus. This option costs 79x bet and guarantees entry into the bonus with a randomly selected number of Scatters, each with a random number on it.

The maximum payout in Pine of Plinko, excluding jackpots, is 10,000x bet. If the total winnings in a single game round surpass this amount, the game round will end and the player will receive 10,000x bet.


To wrap it up, Pine of Plinko boasts visually stunning graphics and enthralling sound effects. While the base game may lack some action, the inclusion of a Jackpot through the Dream Drop version spices things up. Nonetheless, this version comes with a slight trade-off in terms of RTP.

What sets Pine of Plinko apart is its exciting Plinko Bonus that offers a departure from the standard Free Spin bonuses. The number of starting balls can greatly influence the outcome and with some luck, players could potentially earn up to 10,000 times their bet (excluding Jackpots). On the whole, Pine of Plinko is an entertaining game with the promise of big rewards, however, players should be mindful of the game’s volatility and mathematics.

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