Certified Casinos

Certified Casinos

Certified Casinos are the gold standard in online gambling, providing players with a secure, fair, and enjoyable gaming experience. These casinos undergo rigorous audits and evaluations by independent organizations to ensure that they meet the highest standards in terms of game fairness, security, and customer service.

By choosing a certified casino, players can rest assured that they are playing at a reputable and trustworthy site, where their funds and personal information are protected. Certified casinos offer a wide range of games, from classic slots and table games to live dealer options, ensuring that players will never run out of options for entertainment.

Whether you are a seasoned gambler or a newcomer to the world of online casinos, choosing a certified casino is the best way to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

Rules of responsible play

Licensed casinos are required to adhere to the rules of responsible gaming, some clauses contain rather strict conditions:

  • Prohibition on entry and registration of persons younger than 21 years.
  • Credit funds cannot be used.
  • Account blocking at the request of the owner or relatives.
  • Owners are prohibited from using alcoholic beverages as free bonuses in land-based gaming halls.

This is far from a complete list of conditions. Anyone could register on pirated resources operating illegally or under international licenses. In most such sites, you do not need to pass identity verification, confirm age and the right to own a bank account.

The best quality of slot machines

Illegal sites use illegal software created by third parties who have nothing to do with the official manufacturers.

Such emulators not only have a low RTP percentage, but also perform unstable on computers and mobile devices. Licensed halls and online casinos offer only certified slot machines that have passed official certification

Honest and fair payouts

Licensed casinos have great potential. The player is guaranteed to pay out even large winnings. For such cases, every institution, including online casinos, has an insurance deposit in the amount of several tens of millions of hryvnias. The only drawback of legitimate clubs is that payments are made exclusively to bank cards. However, over time, the authorities promise to allow the use of cryptocurrency and foreign payment systems.

Mobile applications and free access

No pirate casino has a mobile app or even a version for viewing on phones and tablets. As a rule, illegal resources have a simple interface with a minimum number of elements.

Another thing, licensed casinos, here the player receives the best service and high quality:

  • Nationwide access from any provider without a VPN.
  • Installation of the official mobile application.
  • Convenient and intuitive personal office.
  • Support for mobile versions of browsers.

All because licensed casinos invest huge funds, attract qualified web programmers, developers, designers and artists. A lot of money is invested in advertising and promotion of the resource.

Assortment of gambling entertainment

In addition to the fact that the player gets the best slot machines, a variety of games can often be found on legal online virtual gambling portals. Among them are Crash-games, where the player places a bet on an event. Live casino with broadcast from the studio with a live presenter. The administration can regularly hold online tournaments, slot races and other competitions with a large prize pool.

RTP (Return to Player), return to the player

An important technical part of any slot machine is RTP, that is, how much money is returned to the player. Licensed casinos with certified slot machines offer 95 to 97% RTP and fair payouts. This means that for every $100 spent, $95-97 is returned to the customer, and only $3-5 goes to the casino’s revenue.

Pirate sites offer visitors hacked emulators or written by programmers with an edited RTP value of 10-20%. It is almost impossible to win on such platforms.

Technical support work

Any online casino has a section where the user can complain or ask for help. License portals offer various options:

  • Internal chat.
  • Telegram bot.
  • E-mail.

Usually, legitimate brands maintain an entire staff of employees who work in shifts 24/7. Therefore, it is better for the player to use sites operating in the legal field. Pirate resources have no technical support, ignore or respond to customer requests.

Player safety

Certified casinos have gained great popularity among their users for a reason. Having a license guarantees complete security for every player, including protection of personal data and deposit.

The safety of players is guaranteed thanks to the following points:

  • Having a license. The official license obliges the gambling site to monitor security, not to transfer user data to third parties, and to pay winnings on time. The license also obliges players to be verified.
  • Official site. The safety of the players is also guaranteed by the official website. Modern SSL and HTTPS protocols guarantee that third parties cannot interfere with the information transfer process. Even if attackers gain access to the site, they will not be able to use the information obtained.
  • Professional technical support. It works 24/7. You can get an answer to any question within a few minutes after applying. The issue is decided by a live casino employee, not a robot.

Thanks to the license, such gaming platforms are among the safest and most popular in the virtual space.

Advantages of certified casinos

In addition to the above advantages, gambling establishments with licenses have other advantages.

Simple registration on the website

The procedure takes a few minutes and requires filling out a simple form. You only need to enter your login, e-mail address and password. You also need to choose a currency. You must follow the link sent to your e-mail to confirm your registration.

A wide range of certified casino games

The site presents slot machines for money from the world’s best providers. In addition to slot machines, you can choose from roulette, poker and other table and card games. Games with live dealers, which allow you to feel like a real visitor to an elite casino, should be noted separately.

Free games

Any slots online can be tried for free. This does not even require registration on the website. It is enough to choose a slot online for money and turn on the free mode.

Profitable bonuses

Upon registration and after making the first deposit, the user can receive a welcome bonus. You can also get free spins. Regular users also have the opportunity to receive a birthday bonus, cashback from the amount of the loss each week, bonuses for participating in tournaments. Separately, it is necessary to note the promotional codes that can be obtained on partner sites, to an e-mail address or for participation in tournaments.

Convenient replenishment and withdrawal of funds

You can use not only bank and electronic, but also cryptocurrency transfers.

Convenient mobile version of the site

It is designed specifically for playing on a smartphone or tablet. The mobile version starts automatically when you enter the site through such devices. In addition, the site automatically adjusts to the diagonal size of the mobile device.

What other factors are worth paying attention to?

In addition to the criteria for choosing an online casino described above, it is also worth paying attention to many other details, including:

  • Choice and quality of gambling. It is important to use only gambling software from reliable providers. The presence of a large selection of gambling games is an advantage, but at the same time, the quality should not suffer.
  • Site. The site should be convenient and functional. Be sure to pay attention to whether the casino site has a sorting of gambling games by providers and other criteria, as well as whether there is a text search by the collection of gambling games.
  • Bonuses. Gaming establishments often offer all kinds of bonuses to their users. Bonus rewards can make the casino game more interesting. But before taking bonuses, be sure to read the conditions for receiving and redeeming them.
  • Mobile version. This is an especially important point for those who play gambling games using a smartphone or tablet. Go to the site of the casino you are interested in from a mobile device, check how convenient and functional the mobile version of the site is.
  • Reviews. You should definitely pay attention to reviews from real users about the casino. Player reviews should be read only on trusted online resources.
  • Technical support service. If a player has any difficulties while playing in a casino, he usually turns to the technical support service. It is important that the support promptly and qualitatively answers the questions.

Taking into account all these criteria, you will be able to choose an online casino that can fully suit you. When choosing a gambling establishment, you can often also use online casino ratings.

Reasons to use only certified casinos

Reason #1. Licensed casinos follow the rules of responsible gaming

Licensed online casinos are required to adhere to the rules of responsible gaming, some clauses contain rather strict conditions:

  • Players under the age of 21 are prohibited from registering and playing in the casino for real money. Therefore, if you are 17 years old and the casino allowed you to register, rest assured – this is a pirate club.
  • Credit funds cannot be used.
  • The company must block the player’s account if the player himself or his relatives so request.

This is only a small part of the conditions that licensed online casinos follow. Illegal resources allow anyone to register, and most of such sites do not even require identity verification, which confirms a person’s age and the right to own a bank account.

Reason #2. Legit casinos have higher quality slot machines

Illegal sites use illegal software that is created by third parties who have nothing to do with the official developers of certain games.

Such emulators are characterized by a low rate of return (RTP), they work “crookedly” on the mobile version and sometimes on the desktop version. Licensed online casinos offer only certified slot machines that have passed official certification.

Reason #3. Licensed casinos guarantee honest and fair payouts

Licensed casinos are responsible for their words and actions. If the player hits the jackpot, he gets 100% of his winnings, regardless of the size. Each institution, for such cases, has an insurance deposit in the amount of several tens of millions of dollars. Pirate clubs, as a rule, in case of winning the jackpot, begin to invent some excuses, ignore the player, and in the worst case, even threaten.

Reason #4. Legal casinos have their own mobile applications and free access

No illegal casino has a mobile application, and in most cases their site is not even adapted for mobile devices (there is no mobile version). Usually, illegal resources have a simple interface with a minimum number of elements.

Legal establishments offer a completely different quality:

the casino is available throughout the country from any provider without a VPN;

  • there is an opportunity to install a mobile application;
  • personal office created very qualitatively and conveniently;
  • mobile version works through any browser without crashes.

And all because licensed casinos make large investments in the development of their resources, attract the best web programmers, developers, designers and software providers. A lot of money is invested in advertising and promotion of the resource.

Reason #5. In licensed casinos, the range of gambling entertainment is much larger

In addition to the high quality of the game software, the player also gets a great variety of games in the licensed online casino. Legal gambling establishments have slot machines, live games, blackjack, baccarat and even a section of games such as Crash-games, where the player bets on an event. In addition, the best licensed casinos regularly organize competitions, contests, tournaments, which involve all the players of the club and give the opportunity to compete for the main big prize.

Reason  #6. Licensed casinos offer a generous bonus program

Unlike pirate establishments, licensed gaming clubs offer their new and regular customers various incentives in the form of bonuses.

Bonuses are the main marketing tool for attracting new users and keeping regular ones. Licensed companies develop bonus programs in such a way that gamers can immediately benefit from them.

The most common bonus in licensed gambling establishments is a welcome bonus. Gamers can get it immediately after registering and performing certain actions:

  • creating an account in an online casino;
  • verification of the game account;
  • making a minimum deposit.

Experienced gamblers claim that bonuses and promotional offers reduce financial losses.


In summary, we can say that only in licensed online casinos you will find:

  • a wide selection of slot machines from the best software developers;
  • low limits for deposit and withdrawal of winnings;
  • a generous bonus program;
  • various tournaments and contests that allow you to win large sums;
  • highest RTP.

Of course, pirate companies can also encourage players with attractive offers and interesting gifts. But only in licensed games you will 100% receive the winnings that are mentioned in the conditions of this or that bonus or competition. On this page, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the list of certified reliable casinos and choose the gaming platform that will satisfy all your wishes.