EntroPay was a virtual debit card payment method that utilized the Visa network for online transactions and casino deposits. It was offered by Ixaris Systems Ltd. and was licensed by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. The virtual Visa cards were issued by the Anglo-Maltese Bank of Valletta and required pre-loading funds in order to be used for online purchases and payments on any website that accepted Visa.

Although EntroPay could be used at millions of online merchants, it was not a credit card but rather a pre-paid debit card. This meant that users had to fund the card using another debit/credit card or a traditional bank account. The service was marketed as a “Virtual Visa” and was widely used by online casino players for depositing funds.

Unfortunately, EntroPay was shut down in 2019 due to Visa’s decision not to renew its gaming license in Europe. This decision affected the availability of the payment method for online casino players in particular. Despite its closure, EntroPay remains a notable example of a virtual payment method that utilized the Visa network.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Withdrawing Funds with EntroPay in Online Casinos

If you have used EntroPay to deposit funds into your online casino account, you may also be interested in knowing how to withdraw your winnings with this payment method. Withdrawing funds from an online casino using EntroPay Virtual Visa is simple and straightforward. In fact, it is similar to the process of making a deposit.

To initiate a withdrawal using EntroPay, you need to follow a few simple steps. First, visit the cash-out page on the casino website and select EntroPay as your withdrawal method. You may need to provide some additional information such as the amount you wish to withdraw and your EntroPay account details. The withdrawal request is then sent to the casino’s processing department for verification.

Once your withdrawal request is approved, the funds are credited back to your EntroPay account. From there, you can use the funds for other online purchases or transfer them to your bank account. It’s important to note that there are usually no complications or delays when withdrawing funds using EntroPay. You can expect to receive your funds within a reasonable timeframe, depending on the casino’s processing policies.

One of the benefits of using EntroPay for withdrawing funds is that it offers a high level of security and privacy. Since EntroPay is a pre-paid debit card, it allows you to withdraw funds without sharing your personal or financial information with the casino. This means that your withdrawals are secure and your personal information is kept confidential.

In addition, using EntroPay for withdrawals offers a convenient and flexible option for players. You can withdraw your winnings from anywhere and at any time, without the need for additional software or hardware. EntroPay is widely accepted at online casinos around the world, making it a popular choice among players.

In conclusion, withdrawing funds from an online casino using EntroPay is a simple, secure, and flexible process. By following the steps outlined above, you can quickly and easily withdraw your winnings and enjoy the benefits of using this popular payment method.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Using EntroPay Virtual Visa

EntroPay Virtual Visa was a popular payment method that offered a range of benefits and drawbacks for users looking to deposit funds into online casino accounts. In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of using EntroPay Virtual Visa.

One of the main advantages of using EntroPay Virtual Visa was its ability to enable instant, secure, and anonymous deposits of funds into casino accounts. The payment method supported commonly used currencies such as USD, EUR, and GBP, making it a convenient option for users across the world. Additionally, the EntroPay Virtual Visa acted as a debit card, reducing the risk of overspending and incurring debts compared to using credit cards to deposit money into casino accounts.

Obtaining an EntroPay Virtual Visa was also straightforward, with users only needing to register an account on the EntroPay website to receive their Virtual Visa immediately. This made it a popular choice for players looking for a hassle-free payment option.

However, there were also some drawbacks to using EntroPay Virtual Visa. The biggest disadvantage was the fees charged to load funds onto the card. A 4.95% fee was applied when loading funds from a debit or credit card, and a 3.95% fee was charged when loading funds from a personal bank account. This made it a less attractive option for users looking for a low-cost payment method.

Additionally, a 1.95% fee was charged for withdrawals funded by third parties, such as online casinos. This added to the overall cost of using EntroPay Virtual Visa and reduced its appeal for users who wanted to minimize fees.

In conclusion, EntroPay Virtual Visa offered a range of benefits and drawbacks for users looking to deposit funds into online casino accounts. While it offered instant, secure, and anonymous deposits and acted as a debit card, the fees charged for loading funds onto the card and withdrawals funded by third parties made it a less attractive option for users looking for a low-cost payment method. Ultimately, the decision to use EntroPay Virtual Visa would depend on individual preferences and priorities.

Entropay Fees and Transaction Timeframes: What You Need to Know

Entropay is a popular payment option for online transactions due to its affordable fee structure and instant payment processing. To get started with Entropay, users can create an account and receive a virtual Visa card for free. There are also no fees for spending the funds loaded onto the card or making online payments at online casinos.

However, it’s important to note that there are fees associated with loading cash onto the virtual Entropay card. If you choose to load funds using a debit card, there is a fee of approximately 3.95%. If you opt for a credit card, the fee is slightly higher at 4.95%. It’s important to keep this in mind when deciding how to fund your Entropay account.

If you withdraw funds from your preferred online casino to your Entropay account, you will be charged a fee of around €6. Additionally, if your account remains inactive for six months or longer, there are fees associated with that. It’s crucial to use your Entropay account regularly to avoid any unnecessary fees.

On the positive side, all Entropay transactions are processed instantly, allowing for fast and convenient payments. This feature makes Entropay a popular choice for users who value speed and convenience. With its transparent fee structure and fast transaction timeframes, Entropay remains a reliable and cost-effective option for making online payments.

The Security Features of Entropay Virtual Visa

When it comes to online transactions, security is a top priority for customers, especially when dealing with online casinos. It is essential for users to have confidence in the safety of their personal and banking information from unauthorized access. Unlike traditional credit and debit cards, virtual prepaid cards like Entropay provide an added layer of security for their customers.

To ensure the safety of its customers, Entropay has implemented various security measures. Its virtual prepaid card is certified by TRUSTe, an independent authority that enforces strict privacy regulations and implements industry-leading security practices. This certification assures customers that their personal and banking data is protected.

Additionally, Entropay ensures that merchants do not have access to its customers’ personal or banking information. All transaction histories are kept confidential, and the personal information required for account registration is used only for creating and enhancing customer accounts.

In summary, Entropay provides a secure and trustworthy virtual prepaid card for online transactions, especially in the online casino industry, where security is a major concern. Its certification by TRUSTe and its commitment to protecting its customers’ personal and banking information make Entropay a reliable and secure option for online payments.