UK Gambling Commission

UK Gambling Commission

Licenses to open an online casino in the UK are issued by the UK Gambling Commission (The Gambling Commission of Great Britain, UKGC, Commission). The regulator controls, verifies and approves (or not) the licensees. In his work, he is guided by the License conditions and Codes of practice (LCCP) and the UK Gambling Act 2005.

What are the main goals of the commission?

We can say that if an institution has a license from the UK Gambling Commission, then there is a guarantee of the honesty of its gambling activities and the safety of the players themselves. However, dissatisfied customers cannot send them a complaint, this is what AlternativeDisputeResolution is designed for.

UKGC has the following key objectives:

  • prevent crime;
  • promote the fair conduct of betting transactions;
  • guarantee responsible gaming;
  • protect underage gamblers.

UK license types

There are three types of online casino permits issued by the UK Gambling Commission:

Operating license

this is the license that indicates the type of activity. Licenses in the UK can be obtained for:

  • Arcades (entertainment game centers);
  • Betting ground (offline) and online (pool betting, bets on real and virtual events, software for bookmakers);
  • Bingo offline and online;
  • Casino offline and online;
  • Software for gambling offline and online;
  • Slot machines offline and online;
  • Lotteries offline and online;

Personal management license

It will be required if a person performs more than one of the functions listed below:

  • Definition of the overall strategy and implementation of activities;
  • Financial planning, control and budgeting;
  • Marketing and commercial development;
  • Regulatory compliance;
  • Gambling-related IT provision and security;
  • Operating a licensed activity where you have five or more premises for which you are licensed to play bingo and/or a casino.

Personal functional license

Should be if you:

  • Dealer/Croupier;
  • Cashier;
  • Inspector;
  • Pit boss / game supervisor;
  • Security officers / monitoring surveillance related to gambling activities.

Premises license

It is necessary when it uses premises for organizing and conducting gambling. Licenses for premises are issued by the licensing authority responsible for the area (territory) in which the premises are located.

The mandatory requirements for applicants are:

  1. The legal action of gambling and its registration in accordance with all the rules of the regulations of the current legislation of the country of registration. For each type of activity there is a separate license, which has its own regulation. If you wish to conduct more than one type of activity, such as online casinos and betting, this is also possible, but you need to obtain separate licenses for each type of activity. The UK government provides good discounts for persons who receive several licenses at the same time;
  2. The presence on the site of a warning about responsible gambling, which informs customers about the dangers of gambling;
  3. Availability of certificates about the software used, the software supplier company, which is based on the random number generator, must have a separate license;
  4. Providing a full package of documents.

About jurisdiction

UK Gambling Commission is a UK regulatory body that allows the opening of online casinos. Established in 2005 to regulate commercial gambling and the national lottery (under the National Lottery Act 1993).


  • provides the government with data on the strategy for the development of online games;
  • submits an annual report on the development of the gambling industry;
  • issues invoices to operators for payment of the annual fee;
  • licenses and regulates the gambling industry;
  • ensures the compliance of the gambling business with international standards;
  • regulates the rules of responsible gambling.

The documents regulating the activities of the UK Commission are in the public domain. It is under corporate management (council).

UK Online Casino Tax Rates

Operators and software vendors must pay 21% of gross revenue annually. Additionally, the UK Commission sets a fee for using the permit.

UK online casino credibility

Documents issued by the UK Gambling Commission allow you to work not only in the UK, but also in other countries. The main condition is the permission of local authorities for online gambling establishments. If such activities are prohibited by law, the operator may fall under the sanctions of the country.

How to get a license for an online casino

Future licensees need to submit documents:

  1. Application;
  2. Account numbers;
  3. Bank statements;
  4. Business plan;
  5. Certificate of registration;
  6. Report on credit operations;
  7. Existing licenses;
  8. Forecasts of enterprise development;
  9. Description of the company’s structure;
  10. Loan agreements;
  11. Charter;
  12. Ownership structure;
  13. Agreements with partners;
  14. Game rules;
  15. Terms of payment of winnings;
  16. Reports to the tax authorities for the last 2 years;
  17. Profit distribution schemes;
  18. Confirmation of compensation payments to players;
  19. Passport, data on registration and nationality of the head of the company;
  20. The result of the verification of software compliance with technical standards (RTS);
  21. Description of partners-suppliers of software;
  22. Map of the structure of servers;
  23. Description of software testing.

Application processing takes approximately 16 weeks.

On behalf of the company, documents can be submitted by a lawyer or other authorized person. To clarify the conditions for submitting papers for the right to become a supplier of the National Lottery, you need to visit the website: the procedure depends on the type and type of entertainment.

Functionality of the official site

Resident permit holders can:

  1. Apply for an online casino permit;
  2. Add, remove or change licensee data;
  3. Send an LCCP notification;
  4. Pay taxes and fees with a credit or debit card;
  5. Submit reports or conduct an audit.

Companies without permission may:

  • Submit an online application for receipt;
  • Open a stationary license.

On the site you can get permission for:

  • Casino;
  • Software inspection;
  • Lottery or bingo cash desk;
  • Change of the head;
  • Verification of security systems;
  • Additional monitoring of new software;
  • Replacement of personal data;
  • Messages about key events;
  • License cancellation.

You can download an electronic copy of the document for opening an online casino in the UK.

Procedure for issuing a UK license

In order to obtain permission to carry out gambling activities, potential licensees need to fill out completed applications and the necessary attachments to them. You will need to provide the following information:

  • A detailed description of all gambling entertainment presented on the site;
  • Location of the company, as well as its registration number;
  • Photocopies of all registration documents;
  • Business plan of the enterprise;
  • Certificate of non-conviction and absence of debts from a legal entity;
  • Contact details of the company representative;
  • Signatures of the entire management team of the company, which confirm the accuracy of the information provided.

The cost of obtaining a UK license

The cost of obtaining a general permit in the UK is determined by the category of installed software (A, B, C, D, E) and the annual gross income from gambling.

An application for a personal license costs £370, a personal functional license costs £145.

In order for the license to remain valid, an annual fee must be paid, the amount of which depends on the type of document and the structure of the company.

Ways to pay fees:

  • Payment via the Internet allows you to quickly identify the sender and credit funds to his account.
  • Bank payment. The details indicate the account number and the full name of the licensee or applicant.
  • The company pays.

Checks are not accepted and are returned to the sender.

Advantages and disadvantages of an English license for online casinos

Great Britain is the world center of the gambling industry. Acquiring a local permit greatly improves the status of a casino. UKGC-approved virtual clubs inspire trust among players.

Consider the main pros and cons of an online casino license in England.


  • Protecting the interests of players;
  • Acceptable tax rates, which are planned to be reduced, not increased;
  • High level of players’ confidence in the license;
  • Control of the operation of a casino licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.


  • An impressive package of documents for obtaining a permit;
  • Large fines for violation of the rules;


England is one of the most developed countries in the field of gambling, where casinos and other types of gambling are officially allowed.

UK legislation assists entrepreneurs engaged in the field of gambling. Local businessmen pay tax contributions at low interest rates, non-residents are exempt from most financial costs and commissions.

On this page, you will be able to find online casinos that have received UK Gambling Commission license and enjoy a safe and fun gaming experience.