It is with the help of a Curacao gaming license that you can open a business in the gambling entertainment industry as simply and quickly as possible. Of course, compared to other permits, obtaining a Curacao license is a rather time-consuming procedure. Having such a license has its advantages and disadvantages, but still this permission inspires confidence in the players.

Features of gaming licenses

A gaming license is an official legal permission, on the basis of which online casino operators can carry out all types of gambling activities in a certain jurisdiction. The decision to issue a license is made by the regulatory body, the license holder must meet strict requirements and pass an audit of their activities. Today, it is Curacao that is the most demanded, popular and influential regulatory body that issues licenses for online gambling activities.

Curacao gambling license

Curacao is an island located in the southern part of the Caribbean. These territories are under the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. On the territory of this island, gambling was legalized. The state government is engaged in the regulation of gambling activities in the territory of this jurisdiction.

Only decent, decent and responsible online casino operators can obtain a Curacao gambling license. To date, more than 450 online casinos and other gambling platforms have been able to obtain this license. With so many powerful license holders, Curaçao is considered the world’s most famous and sought-after licensee. Let’s take a closer look at the features of this gambling license.

Types of licenses

The presence of such a license allows the right holder to provide services in all types of gambling entertainment. The Curacao license allows operators to open online casinos, betting shops and so on. This regulator issues two types of licenses. Online casino operators and bookmakers can apply for a main license and a sub-license. Let’s consider these subspecies in more detail.

Basic license

Operators that have received a basic license can engage in online gambling activities in the territory of the jurisdiction of Curacao without any restrictions regarding the number of entertainment options presented on the platform. In addition, master license holders also have the right to sell sub-licenses to third party operators.

There is also another type of license, Master. Only the Ministry of Justice of Curacao can make decisions regarding the issuance of this type of gambling permit. This type of license is not widely used, as it has strict requirements for obtaining. Not every operator is able to fulfill all the requirements for obtaining such a license. To date, only 4 operators have been able to obtain a Master license:

  • Curacao eGaming
  • Gaming Curacao (GC)
  • Antillephone NV
  • Curacao Interactive Licensing N.V.

As such, multiple casino operators may have the same license number. Therefore, if you find that the license numbers of several online casinos are the same, this is not a scam or a scam at all. For example, the operator Curacao eGaming has many of its sub-licensees. And all of them will have a license number will be 1668 / JAZ.


A sublicense is a one-time permission to conduct a gambling business in the territory of the jurisdiction of Curacao. Operators that have received a sub-license can engage in identical gambling activities, as well as holders of the main license. The main difference between these two permits from the Curaçao Commission is that the holders of the main license, unlike the holders of the sublicense, can issue sublicenses to other operators.

As mentioned earlier, 4 operators have become holders of the Curacao Master license. Now they are the main source of sublicenses for new online casinos.

Procedure for obtaining a license

Curacao is a rather demanding and tough commission, so obtaining a license will not be as easy as it might seem at first glance. Before proceeding with the issuance of a work permit, be sure to familiarize yourself with all the requirements for licensees. In order to become a Curaçao license holder, an operator must:

  1. Register a company in the jurisdiction of Curacao. The operator must register his company in accordance with the current legislation of the country, adhering to corporate law, as well as the law “On securities”. The physical address of the company must be on the territory of the island of Curacao.
  2. Presence of local representatives. It is mandatory to select at least one person who will make decisions and enter into agreements with local authorities and regulators on behalf of the entire company. Such person must be a resident of the jurisdiction of Curacao. Without fulfilling this condition, you will not be able to obtain a license.
  3. Description of the play library. The online casino operator must provide the Curaçao Commission with a detailed description of each game that will be presented on the site, as well as the RTP for each slot machine.
  4. Terms of use. The Commission will also require you to familiarize yourself with a complete list of the rules for using the website of an online casino applying for a license. The services of such online gaming platforms are used by residents of different countries around the world. Therefore, it is imperative that all users adhere to generally accepted rules and regulations, and be informed of the possible risks associated with the violation of such rules. Each client must be familiar with the rules of responsible gambling. Such information should be freely available on the platform website.
  5. Ownership of the domain. Each gaming platform must have its own domain name, that is, a unique address on the Internet. It is this address that the client will need to enter in the search window of the browser in order to get to the online casino site. All prospective licensees must prove to the Curaçao Commission that they are the rightful owners of the domain name. Only after that you can apply for a gambling license.
  6. Physical server in the jurisdiction of Curacao. A physical server is a powerful computer with which the data processing procedure for doing business takes place. Curacao licensees are required to store their server on the island. This is a mandatory requirement for obtaining a gambling license.
  7. Using the AML procedure. AML stands for Anti-Money Laundering. The main purpose of such a procedure is to prevent the flow of illegally earned funds into the financial system. Such a system of rules, laws and technologies minimizes the risk of money laundering. A potential licensee must submit to the Curaçao commission information on how it implements AML procedures for individual players.
  8. Availability of technical audit of software. To obtain a license, it is mandatory to conduct a full technical audit of all gaming software. All products must be thoroughly tested before being released to the site. The testing laboratory must provide official confirmation of the testing procedure. Such strict rules allow you to protect users from low-quality gaming software.
  9. Possession of a GSC certificate. The RNG certificate is a mandatory requirement for obtaining a Curacao license. A random number generator (RNG) certificate is a software or hardware algorithm that guarantees the statistical randomness of numbers generated by a computer. It is thanks to the settings of the random number generator that players can be sure of the honesty and transparency of the gameplay, as well as payments.
  10. Elimination of the possibility of using the site by minors. According to the legislation, persons who have not reached the established age are not subject to liability and accountability. Therefore, an online casino should in every possible way block the registration of minors on its gaming site. It is also prohibited to provide services to residents of the United States and the Netherlands Antilles.

Registration of a license

After the online casino operator has satisfied all the requirements of the Curacao commission, as well as passed thorough checks of its software and solvency, it can count on obtaining a Curacao license. To do this, you must adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

Registration of a business in the jurisdiction of Curacao. This is the first step in obtaining this license. The physical address of the company must be registered on the territory of the island of Curacao. The registration procedure takes place at the Chamber of Commerce. The licensee will need to set up a local limited company. This is quite simple, since this jurisdiction has created a convenient infrastructure for the gambling business, as well as liberal legislation.

A package of documents. At the second stage, it is necessary to prepare all the necessary documentation. Only in this case, the consideration of the application can be successful. To obtain a Curacao license, the following documents will be required:

  • Utility bill;
  • A notarized copy of an identity document;
  • Resume of the owner of the company;
  • Certificate of good conduct;
  • Letter of recommendation from a banking institution;
  • Second ID.

Submitting an application and paying the registration fee. After submitting all the necessary documentation for consideration, the licensee must submit an application and pay a registration fee for issuing a license.

Opening an online casino. Once the application has been successfully processed and the Curacao license has been obtained, you can start running your online business and providing services to players.

How to check for a license

For the safety of your funds, you can cooperate only with proven, reliable and licensed online casinos. The confirmation of the security of the gaming platform is its official credentials, including the license. Checking for an official license is quite simple. You need to go to the website of the selected casino, go to the main page and scroll down. At the bottom of the screen, the license name and number will be displayed. But, unfortunately, not all gaming platforms provide this information in the public domain.

Additional checking methods

There is another way to check for a license. The site footer should display the logo of the relevant jurisdiction, in our case Curacao. If you click on this icon, you will be taken to the official website of Master license holders. In this case, the license is genuine.

You can also use the company logo, casino registration number, registered address or other personal information to verify the license. This information can be submitted in a written request to the Curacao Chamber of Commerce, or you can check the data yourself on the website of the Curacao Commission. To do this, use the “Search in the registry” field. A successful verification result means that the casino company is legitimate, and an unsuccessful response means otherwise.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Curacao license

Among the main strengths of this gambling license are:

  • The ability to provide a full range of services in gambling activities (sports betting, slot machines, casinos and other gambling entertainment);
  • Relatively budgetary cost of obtaining a license;
  • Fast application review procedure (up to 6 weeks);
  • Favorable tax policy in the jurisdiction of Curacao;
  • Loyal legislation and favorable conditions for doing business;
  • Obtaining technical and financial support from the Curacao Commission;
  • Trusted by users from all over the world.


But, despite the numerous advantages, the Curacao gambling license also has its drawbacks:

  • Curaçao licensees are unable to access certain international markets;
  • This licensing authority is less reputable than UKGC and MGA, which conduct a more thorough selection among their licensees;
  • In the event of disputes between the online casino and the player, representatives of the Curacao commission will not interfere in resolving this problem;
  • Curacao licensees may find it difficult to open a bank account;
  • Sub-license holders will be vetted by the Master License holder and not by the Curaçao Commission;
  • Getting a basic license is quite difficult.

Summing up

Curacao gambling license is a great opportunity for doing business in the gambling entertainment industry. The requirements for obtaining such a permit are quite loyal, so even novice operators will be able to obtain a sublicense. True professionals will be able to win the trust and loyalty of millions of players around the world. On this page, you will be able to find online casinos that have received Curacao license and enjoy a safe and fun gaming experience.