AstroPay is a global virtual prepaid card and e-wallet service that offers secure online shopping. It’s widely used in Latin America and Asia, and many online casinos accept AstroPay deposits for a seamless gambling experience. Learn how to choose a reliable platform, find the best bonuses, and discover the pros and cons of using AstroPay for online transactions.

AstroPay: An Emerging Payment Platform with Rapid Growth

Established in 2009 as a private company in the UK, AstroPay emerged as a challenger to established payment systems like PayPal during a time when alternative payment solutions were gaining popularity. The company initially targeted smaller markets where such options were unavailable, such as Latin America, and expanded its reach to include several Asian countries. With an office in Montevideo, the company successfully established itself in these regions, and today, it is the preferred payment method for millions of Latin Americans, boasting a reputation as the fastest-growing platform in Emerging Markets.

AstroPay’s mission is to provide a straightforward payment system for inexperienced customers, empowering them with the option of making instant payments anytime they want. This simplicity is also evident in their merchant services, where users can easily set up accounts and integrate APIs.

Pros and Cons of AstroPay:


  • Simple and easy registration process;
  • Wide acceptance of payment methods;
  • Protection of funds with end-to-end crypto and strong user authentication;
  • Focus on smaller markets.


  • No withdrawal option for online casinos;
  • No physical debit card available.

    Guide on How to Use AstroPay in Online Casinos

    If you are considering using AstroPay in online casinos, it’s essential to know how the payment method works in the context of online gaming. Here’s a detailed guide to help you get started:

    Step 1: Create an Account

    Before you can use AstroPay in an online casino, you need to have an account with AstroPay. You can create an account by visiting the AstroPay website and completing the registration process, which involves providing your name, email address, and other personal information.

    Step 2: Find an Online Casino That Accepts AstroPay

    Once you have an AstroPay account, the next step is to find an online casino that accepts AstroPay. Fortunately, many casinos now accept this payment method. You can find a list of AstroPay casinos by doing a simple online search.

    Step 3: Log In to Your Casino Account

    After finding an online casino that accepts AstroPay, log in to your casino account and navigate to the deposit page. The deposit page should be easy to find as it is typically prominently displayed on the website.

    Step 4: Select AstroPay as Your Deposit Method

    On the deposit page, select AstroPay as your deposit method, along with your preferred currency. Enter the amount you want to deposit and proceed to the next step.

    Step 5: Enter Your AstroPay Virtual Card Details

    Enter your AstroPay virtual card details in the fields provided. This will include your 16-digit card number, expiration date, and CVV code.

    Step 6: Verify the Details and Make the Payment

    After entering your card details, double-check the information you provided to make sure it is correct. Once you are satisfied, go ahead with the payment. You should receive confirmation of your deposit within a few minutes.

    In conclusion, using AstroPay in online casinos is a simple process that involves creating an account with AstroPay, finding a casino that accepts the payment method, and following the steps outlined above. By using AstroPay, you can enjoy safe and secure transactions and quick deposit times, ensuring that your online gaming experience is smooth and hassle-free.

    As previously stated, AstroPay is not a viable option for withdrawing funds from online casinos. Therefore, players who want to withdraw their winnings will need to use alternative methods, such as bank transfers, to access their funds.

    How exactly does the AstroPay deposit option function, and what do you need to know?

    Suppose you want to add funds to your online casino account using AstroPay. The process is fairly straightforward, and begins by accessing the section of the casino’s website that manages account balances and transfers, which will vary depending on the specific casino. Next, select the AstroPay payment option and enter the relevant card details into the appropriate fields. In most cases, the deposit will be processed instantly and without any fees.

    Casino Withdrawals with AstroPay

    Regrettably, withdrawing money from online casinos using AstroPay is not an option. This is because the AstroPay payment system primarily consists of prepaid cards, which are typically used only for making deposits. However, it is still possible to transfer funds from your AstroPay card to your personal bank account. During the registration process, you will be prompted to provide your bank’s details such as the name of the bank, the IBAN number, and the SWIFT code. Additionally, AstroPay casinos offer various alternative ways to withdraw funds, including using e-wallets like Skrill, credit cards, and standard bank transfers. You can select any of these options to withdraw your winnings even if you have used AstroPay to make a deposit.

    Bonuses in AstroPay casinos

    If you’re interested in taking advantage of casino bonuses, it’s important to know how to find the best bonuses available at AstroPay casinos. Luckily, there are ways to find great bonus deals for casinos that accept AstroPay payments.

    The first place to start is our list of casino bonuses. By selecting the ‘AstroPay‘ box in the ‘Payment Method’ filter, you’ll be able to see all the bonuses that can be used in casinos that accept AstroPay deposits. To further refine your search, scroll up the page to the ‘Bonus Type’ section and choose the bonus type you prefer. For example, if you’re looking for no deposit bonuses, simply select the ‘No Deposit Bonus’ box to see your options.

    If you’re specifically interested in no deposit bonuses that can be used with AstroPay, you can go to our list of no deposit bonuses and choose ‘AstroPay’ from there. This will provide you with a list of all the no deposit bonuses that can be used in AstroPay casinos. Keep in mind that bonuses may come with certain terms and conditions, such as wagering requirements, so be sure to read the terms carefully before claiming any bonuses.

    About safety and security

    Before we dive into the top AstroPay casinos, it’s important to discuss the safety and security of using AstroPay as a payment method. Like other prepaid cards, AstroPay ensures that your personal information is never shared with any third-party vendors. This means that you’re not required to provide any personal details to the online casino when you make a transfer, which can reduce the risk of fraud.

    Additionally, AstroPay offers added convenience by sending an SMS notification whenever any activity occurs in your account, such as a deposit or withdrawal. This can help you keep track of your account and quickly detect any unauthorized transactions. As a peer-to-peer transfer system, AstroPay doesn’t store your information in a central database for transactions, unlike credit cards.

    AstroPay also uses SSL encryption, a secure sockets layer that makes all data unreadable during transmission between two parties. This ensures that your data is safe even if it’s accessed by unauthorized parties. The encryption can only be decrypted with a one-time “key,” making it even more secure.

    Overall, these safety features make AstroPay a secure payment method for online casino transactions. You can trust that the best AstroPay casinos have taken appropriate measures to protect your data and ensure that your transactions are secure.