Peruvian La Dirección General de Juegos de Casino y Máquinas Tragamonedas

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Although Peru is not in great demand among businessmen and investors, this state has sufficient prospects and prerequisites for the active development of the gambling entertainment industry. To maximize the simplification of the legislation for the conduct of the gambling business, new regulations and other official permits are constantly ratified. In general, the gambling entertainment industry is regulated on the basis of a law passed in 1970.

It was followed by a series of laws starting in the 1990s. All these laws have helped Peru achieve its goal of being one of the best liberal online casinos in the world.

The Directorate General of Casino Games and Slot Machines (DGJCMT) regulates online casinos. It is under the control of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism. Gambling laws in Peru work well. Online casino players are presented with a variety of global brands that have decided to operate in the South American country.

Peculiarities of gambling business regulation in Peru

In order to understand the peculiarities of the development and regulation of the gambling business in Peru, it is worth considering the characteristic features of this industry:

  • Online casinos are under the full control of the state, which cannot be said about the activities of bookmakers and sweepstakes;
  • The state body – Dirección General de Juegos de Casinos y Máquinas Tragamonedas – is responsible for regulating the gambling entertainment industry and issuing gambling licenses;
  • Bills and regulations are being actively adopted that contribute to the legalization of online casino activities in Peru.

The most popular sports discipline among the inhabitants of Latin America, including Peru, is football. If we consider the structure of sports betting, then almost 90% of all bets with bookmakers are made on football matches. The next popular sports discipline besides football is horse racing. In the general structure of sports betting, this sport accounts for about 6%.

After analyzing the statistics, we can conclude that about 20% of the inhabitants of Peru have experience in participating in sports betting. Every day, bookmakers licensed by the Directorate General of Casino Games and Slot Machines (DGJCMT) accept more than 150,000 bets daily from Peruvians. Most often, the services of online casinos and bookmakers are used by men aged 18 to 45 years. It is also worth considering that:

  • 65% of players from Peru prefer online casinos that provide their users with free bets and special offers;
  • 60% of gamers prefer gaming platforms with popular and easy payment methods;
  • 55% of players prefer online casinos whose sites have a convenient, simplified interface.

Online casino licensed by DGJCMT

Casinos have been a part of South American society for several decades. Peru has a thriving land-based gambling sector that dates back several decades. There is a well-defined regulatory framework that is attractive to both foreign and domestic investors in the country.

In 2008, Peru began offering licenses to operators interested in opening online casinos. Later in 2011, legislation was passed that required all local online casino transactions to be logged on specific servers. As a result, Peruvians can choose from a wide range of both domestic and international casino products.

Peru has begun supporting private brands and allowing them to operate as long as they meet basic consumer protection requirements set by government regulators.

Betsson, the world’s leading casino provider, is one of the most popular online casinos licensed in Peru. The company was the first in the country to receive a license. Also popular are 22BET, National Casino, Spinamba, Joo Casino and Megapari.

In 2017, Peru passed a new online gambling bill to make it even harder for people to bet to fight problem gambling. But the government’s regulatory restrictions on online casinos have remained unchanged. People who play at reputable casinos can expect and enjoy a variety of online casino games. These games have the highest security measures.

About the DGJCMT license

The DGJCMT oversees every gambling operation and ensures that all operators meet certain criteria before being granted a license. Domestic gambling operators must obtain legal authorization from the agency and are then strictly regulated. On the other hand, there are no restrictions for international investors.

Licensed operators provide players with a wide range of casino products with the highest ratings. Offshore sites are not required to obtain a license to operate, opening the sector to healthy competition. However, this comes with some security risks. Players should check all platforms and ensure that they have valid licenses from their respective jurisdictions.

Peru’s gambling sector has undergone enormous changes. This country has made it easy for international brands to enter and compete fairly. This was done by taking a non-interventionist stance and ensuring that consumers were treated fairly. The gambling industry is booming because online casinos are completely legal.

Peruvian players have access to all forms of gambling, including online casinos as well as land-based casinos. To play, a person must be of legal age and not be excluded from gambling due to addiction problems.

Required Documentation

The issuance of gambling licenses in this jurisdiction is carried out by regional authorities, and not by the central state body. In this regard, the registration procedure and requirements for operators may differ depending on the regions. But still, there is a basic list of documents, without which it is impossible to obtain permission to process personal data. These include:

  1. Corporate documents of the company;
  2. Documents confirming the identity of the owner of the company, as well as the person who submits this application;
  3. Official confirmation of residence from the immigration ministry for foreign residents;
  4. Lease agreement for office premises or other official documents confirming the right to land use;
  5. Official confirmation by the company of its financial and fiscal obligations.

Casino launch features

In order to obtain a work permit in Peru, there is a list of the following requirements:

  • Availability of permission to process personal data;
  • Presence of a registered agent;
  • The presence of at least two shareholders in the company;
  • There are no citizenship requirements;
  • The registration procedure takes about 3 weeks on average.

The following package of documents is required:

  • A document confirming the opening of a legal entity in Peru;
  • Passport details of the company’s shareholders;
  • Corporate data: statute, list of shareholders and other important information;
  • Detailed characteristics of the software: a list of games presented on the site, game rules, RTP for each slot machine;
  • A business plan that predicts profit for the next few years;
  • Bank account number with statutory capital.

The cost of obtaining a license

Operators who wish to carry out gaming activities in Peru must pay for the following services in order to obtain a work permit:

  • Purchase of a certificate – $ 15,000;
  • Annual renewal of the certificate – $ 1,500;
  • Annual license fee – from 50,000 dollars, the amount of tax will depend on the total turnover of the company;
  • The annual anti-crime tax in the gambling industry is 5% of online casino income.

Important: online casinos that are registered in the jurisdiction of Peru and provide their services to foreign citizens are exempt from income tax

Summing Up

The gambling entertainment industry in Peru is a very promising area that is developing at a rapid pace. The loyal attitude of local authorities and the affordable taxation system attract more and more foreign investors every year. On this page, you will be able to find online casinos that have received Dirección General de Juegos de Casinos y Máquinas Tragamonedas License and enjoy a safe and fun gaming experience.