Interact e-Transfer

Interact e-Transfer


If you’re a Canadian online casino player, you may be interested in using Interac Online or Interac eTransfer as your payment method. These two methods are exclusively available to Canadian users and offer a safe and reliable way to make payments directly from your bank account.

Interac eTransfer is particularly secure, as it allows you to transfer funds from your Canadian bank account to a merchant or casino without revealing sensitive financial information. Many Canadians are already familiar with Interac as a payment method for online shopping, but it’s also gaining popularity as a way to fund gaming accounts.

One of the benefits of using Interac is that it’s becoming more widely accepted by online gaming sites. As a result, many casinos have added it to their cashier systems, giving players more options when it comes to deposit methods.

If you’re considering using Interac, it’s important to choose a trusted casino that accepts this payment method. You can find a list of these casinos online, as well as information on how to use Interac to fund your gaming account.

Overall, Interac offers Canadian players a safe, reliable, and increasingly popular way to make online payments, including deposits to online casinos.

Evaluation and Criteria for Interac e-Transfer and Online

Interac Online and Interac eTransfer are highly sought-after payment methods among Canadian online casino players. The reason for their popularity is their ability to process transactions instantly, which is a crucial factor in online payments. Consequently, only top-tier online casinos have adopted Interac as a payment method, which has significantly contributed to its positive reputation.

One of the reasons why Interac is so widely accepted is because it provides a secure platform for financial transactions. Interac ensures that all sensitive information, such as banking details, passwords, and personal data, is safeguarded by employing strict security measures that are further reinforced by the users’ banks.

At our evaluation, we consider the reliability and security of a payment method to be of utmost importance. Given the instant processing, security, and trustworthiness of Interac, we confidently rate it as one of the best payment methods available for online casino players in Canada.

Benefits of Using Interac at Online Casinos

Using Interac Online as a payment method for online casinos provides a safer and more secure way to make transactions without the need to provide sensitive information. With Interac Online, users can easily transfer funds between their casino account and bank account without having to log in to their bank account directly. This ensures that sensitive financial information is kept away from potential third-party activities and avoids leaving any paper trail from the bank account to the casino.

The process of signing up for an Interac Online account is simple and straightforward, allowing users to transfer funds using only their Interac account details, which are separate from their banking login details. Once the account is set up, players can quickly and securely move cash around, giving them immediate access to their funds in a secure environment.

Online casinos often use Gigadat as the processing platform for Interac Online transactions. However, some of the big banks, such as Scotiabank and CIBC, have been removed from the processing page. If you’re looking for Gigadat casinos that accept Interac Online, it’s essential to use a credit union or have an account at one of the banks listed at the top of the page to ensure a seamless and hassle-free transaction process.

Interac-Compatible Mobile Casinos

With complete mobile optimization, players can now access all casino features on both mobile and desktop platforms, including gaming, claiming bonuses, rewards, and making online payments. Trusted payment networks like Interac allow users to connect their bank accounts from TD Canada Trust, dozens of credit unions, First Nations Bank, and RBC Royal Bank of Canada, providing seamless and hassle-free transactions.

However, some online casinos, particularly those operated by the government, such as the Alberta online casino, have yet to adopt CAD-friendly payment methods, despite offering exciting welcome bonuses. It’s worth noting that not all casino sites that accept Interac allow for a minimum 5-dollar deposit.

A Guide to Using Interac Online and Interac e-Transfer for Casino Deposits

Interac Online and Interac e-Transfer are popular payment methods for Canadian players looking to make deposits at online casinos. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use them:

Interac Online:

  1. Find a reputable online casino and navigate to the banking or deposit menu.
  2. Select “Make Deposit” and choose Interac Online as your preferred payment method.
  3. Enter the amount you want to deposit and ensure there are sufficient funds in your Interac Online account.
  4. A new window will open to Interac’s third-party website, where you’ll be required to enter specific details to complete the transaction.
  5. Once the transaction is complete, the window will close and the funds should reflect in your casino account shortly.

Interac e-Transfer:

  1. Navigate to the deposit or banking section of your casino that accepts Interac e-Transfers.
  2. Enter your deposit amount and select e-Transfer as the payment method.
  3. The casino will provide you with an email address and an ID code to include in the message field.
  4. Log in to your online banking website and navigate to the transfer page.
  5. Add a new payee with the provided details and send the required amount to the payee, ensuring the account ID is in the message field.
  6. Return to the casino and verify your funds deposit.

Withdrawing Casino Money via Interac Online:

  1. Casinos that use Interac Online allow for fast withdrawals directly through the payment gateway provided by Interac.
  2. Simply navigate to the withdrawal section of the casino and select Interac Online as the preferred method.
  3. Follow the prompts and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  4. Once the transaction is complete, the funds should reflect in your Interac Online account within a few business days.

Tips for Using Interac at Online Casinos

  • For convenient and on-the-go transfers, consider using Interac’s mobile app
  • Choose a memorable and secure PIN for your Interac account, such as significant dates or personal numbers
  • Keep your Interac PIN confidential and do not share it with anyone

Where Can You Sign Up for Interac Online?

To take advantage of Interac Online’s security features, users can sign up through participating banks. Simply select a bank from the list of participating financial institutions and log in to your online banking portal. Enter your client card number and existing online banking password to access the page where you can link your accounts and select the one to be used for online payments.

Pros and Cons of Using Interac at Online Casinos


  • Popularity: Interac is a widely recognized payment method for online purchases, making it easy for Canadians to use it to deposit funds into their casino accounts.
  • Withdrawals: Interac is directly linked to your bank or credit account, allowing for quick and easy withdrawals from online casinos.
  • Antifraud: Interac provides multiple layers of security, protecting players from giving out their bank or credit card information to online casinos.


  • Expiry: If a casino neglects to debit your Interac account for a transaction, but credits your gaming account, the transaction will expire in 30 days.
  • Phishing: Transaction notices are sent via email, making them vulnerable to phishing attacks. If a player responds to an email requesting personal information, bad actors may gain access to their accounts.

Interac Online vs Interac e-Transfer – What are they and how do they differ?

Interac e-Transfer: This method is commonly used for transferring funds to friends and family. To deposit at an online casino using Interac e-Transfer, you enter the casino’s email address and security question/answer from your bank account. This option is widely available at most financial institutions and credit unions.

Interac Online: This option allows you to transfer funds directly from your bank account to the online casino through a payment gateway provided by the casino. Unlike Interac e-Transfer, you don’t need to enter an email address. However, this option is not as widely available and is only offered by select financial institutions and credit unions. For instance, Casino Cruise only offers Interac Online to customers of First Nations Bank of Canada, RBC Royal Bank, and TD Canada Trust, as well as select credit unions based on the province you reside in. While this option is slightly faster than Interac e-Transfer, it has more limited availability.